Chinese communist has near-death experience, realizes Marxist atheism is wrong


Xue-Mei was an active member of the Chinese Communist Party, her mind deeply rooted in Marxism. “I was a die-hard atheist,” she said, in a post on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website. But a profound near-death experience “completely changed my perspectives toward the meaning of life and the ethics of entire world,” she said.

She had a chronic cough and often went to a medical clinic for antibiotic treatments. During one of the treatments, she had a bad reaction to the medication. Lying on a bed in the hospital, connected to the intravenous antibiotic, she suddenly heard something like a train screeching along the tracks.

A bad reaction to medication caused her to lose consciousness and she felt she was entering a dark tunnel.

dark tunnel

“I fell into a dark tunnel and I was charging forward,” she said. “I felt tremendously apprehensive, asking myself, ‘What is wrong with me? I … [was] fine just now but how come everything changed?’ I wanted to stop and go back, but I was moving uncontrollably forward and could not head back. I screamed frantically, yet I was mute. I attempted to struggle through, but still my effort was futile. I perceived myself as a speck, hurling in an eternal circular pathway.”

If it was death, it wasn’t what she expected.

She realized she was separated from her body and asked herself if this was death. If so, she thought, it wasn’t the end as she had previously believed. “I did not disappear, but rather I was isolated from the physical world. I felt no pain. I was hovering … [like] a feather and feeling very cozy.”

Beings surrounded her, full of compassion and comforting her and communicating with her telepathically to clear away her confusion. “I was no longer in the lengthy, dark tunnel. … I was in a bright, warm, and pure world. I was completely relieved, no more agonies, but instead replaced with eternal peace and bliss,” she said.

She saw the whole world differently at a microscopic level.

World at a microscopic level

She saw each molecule of an object as being in the shape of that object. She saw that microscopic particles could contain entire worlds. She felt several different dimensions coexisting. While perceiving this other realm, she could also see what was going on around her physical body—her pager ringing and who was contacting her, the doctor giving advice to others, she even saw through a wall to two coat hangers dangling in a closet.

When she saw the doctor approach, she knew she had to get his attention so he would save her. She still had things to accomplish in life, her young child to take care of, and she did not want her parents to have to mourn her.

“My spirit plunged down abruptly, feeling my head was spinning. Finally, I merged into my body. When I opened my eyes to sit up, I began vomiting nonstop,” she said.

The doctor was surprised at the volume of dark liquid she vomited, it seemed too much for her stomach to have held. She felt it was a cleansing.

She was grateful for the experience, because her fear of death diminished and her materialist understanding of the world had changed.

Courtesy: TaraMacIsaac, Epoch Times Beyond Science page on Facebook