How this meditation practice can improve your immunity

Falun Dafa improves immunity

Even in Wuhan this meditation practice proved effective against coronavirus epidemic

Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is a high level spiritual practice of mind and body. Since ancient times this practice has been passed down from a single master to a single disciple. The practice teaches how to cultivate the heart towards Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. Falun Dafa includes five gentle and meditative exercises which help to quickly open up one’s energy channels, purify the body, relieve stress and also provide inner peace. Being a comprehensive practice of mind and body, people get amazing health benefits in a short time.

According to research by Dr. Lili Feng, Professor of Immunology at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, the practice of Falun Dafa is effective in increasing immunity against diseases. Dr. Lili Feng examined the life span and function of white blood cells, neutrophils in particular. Her preliminary results showed that the in-vitro life span of neutrophils from Falun Dafa practitioners was 30 times longer than that of control groups and they also functioned better. This indicates enhanced immunity and health benefits for certain diseases.

Falun Dafa was introduced to public by Mr. Li Hongzhi in China in May 1992. Today it is being practiced by more than 100 million people in over 114 countries. Due to its health benefits and spiritual teachings, Falun Dafa became so popular in China that by 1999, 7 to 10 Crore people started practicing it. The membership of the Chinese Communist Party was 6 Crore at that time. Being of atheist ideology, Chinese Communist Party considered growing popularity of Falun Dafa as challenge to its authority and banned it on 20th July 1999 and started brutal persecution which continues till today.

For last three months, Wuhan has been the epicenter of the Coronavirus epidemic where about 81,000 cases have been reported, of which around 3200 people have died. These are official figures of the Chinese government, while according to reliable sources the actual death toll seems to be 10 times higher. In such difficult conditions, Falun Dafa practitioners of Wuhan have not only remained unaffected from the epidemic due to their higher immunity but reached out to the people of Wuhan in distress spreading message of health benefits of Falun Dafa and its healing power, while risking their own lives.

To prevent the spread of the epidemic in India, the government has advised people to stay at home. Why not use this spare time in learning Falun Dafa practice and increase your immunity. You can read the health benefits of Falun Dafa in the book, “Life and Hope Renewed – The Healing Power of Falun Dafa” at

Falun Dafa is taught in almost all major cities in India. For more information, please visit: or

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