Spreading beauty of Falun Dafa in fairs and exhibitions throughout India

Falun Dafa in book fairs and exhibitions

In India, winter is season of fairs and exhibitions. People like to go out and visit book fairs, flower shows and other exhibitions with their friends and families. Taking this opportunity Falun Dafa practitioners of India participated in different fairs to inform about this profound spiritual practice and share its message of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance.

Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) is an ancient spiritual practice of mind and body which consists of five gentle and effective exercises, but stress is given on cultivation of moral character. Falun Dafa was introduced to public in 1992 by Mr. Li Hongzhi in China. Today it is being practiced in more than 114 countries around the world. Unfortunately, practitioners of Falun Dafa are under brutal persecution by the Chinese communist party since 20th July 1999, similar to Tibetan Buddhists and other faiths in China.

Kolkata International Book Fair

Kolkata International Book Fair is known as Asia’s largest book fair and the most attended book fair in the world. A beautifully decorated Falun Dafa stall was organized at a prominent place in the fair, which was held in February this year. A large number of people visited Falun Dafa stall and learned the exercises.

It was heartening to see how Indians from all over the world knew about Falun Dafa. A young Indian living in Birmingham, UK said though he does not practice Falun Gong but he

is aware of it and the ongoing persecution in China. Another young Indian living in Australia, visiting his parents said he had heard about the health benefits of Falun Dafa and would like his mother to take up the practice. A person from Argentina visiting the Book Fair was so excited to see the Falun Dafa booth and said he did not know that Falun Dafa was there in India too.

Pondicherry book fair

Falun Dafa stall was visited by large number of people at Pondicherry book fair held in December. Many people learned the Falun Dafa exercises and purchased books. Practitioners also distributed paper lotus flowers to people. One person shared that he was searching for a genuine spiritual system for a long time and after learning about Falun Dafa his search was fulfilled. Local MLA of Pondicherry visited the Falun Dafa stall. He was shocked to hear about persecution being suffered by Falu Dafa practitioners in China.

Bangalore Flower show

Lakhs of people visited flower show at Lalbagh, Bangalore which was held in February this year. Falun Dafa practitioners organized an informative stall with display of books and provision for teaching exercises. Prominent feature of the stall was a large lotus flower with top part displaying book “Zhuan Falun”, which contains main teachings of Falun Dafa. The lotus flower looked very beautiful and appreciated by many people. Many school children visited the stall and learned the exercises. More than 100 police personnel learned the exercises and appreciated efforts of practitioners.

In addition to the above, Falun Dafa practitioners participated in the All India Industrial Exhibition in Hyderabad, Surat Book Fair, Deeksha Bhoomi Nagpur, and various other places. Indian Falun Dafa practitioners have been selflessly introducing this unique practice across the length and breadth of the country. The practice of Falun Dafa is helping people get good health, calm their minds, and get an insight about purpose in life. Falun Dafa exercises and instructions are taught free of charge. To know more, please check www.falundafa.org or www.falundafaindia.org.

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